Sit and begin

I read a statistic stating a high percentage of people believe they can write a book. If ability were the only factor in completing a novel or nonfiction book, then there would be a lot more books (especially ebooks) flooding the market right now. Unfortunately, the other factor in writing–and it’s probably the biggest factor–is finding time to sit and begin.

Once a person has begun a project, the next hurdle is to keep writing. This is where longevity comes into play. If you’re going to produce something, especially the creation of a book, it takes long, solitary hours typing away at a computer.

But this goes for any endeavor. Doing something well takes time. FInishing any type of project takes time, and it’s the people who are willing to put in the long hours that will reap the reward of completion–and completion is a wonderful reward. In some cases, it may be the only reward; and for the artist, that should be all that’s needed.