Attention to detail and work ethic

After watching Dear. Mr. Watterson, a documentary about Calvin & Hobbes and its creator Bill Watterson, I was reminded of just how wonderful the comic strip is.

There’s a lot of great things that can be written about Dear Mr. Watterson, but what I found most interesting was Watterson’s attention to detail and work ethic.

The best way to elaborate on this claim is a story another comic artist tells in the documentary. Apparently, this artist and Watterson wrote letters to each other. The letters Watterson wrote included pictures that were masterfully drawn. These were just letters–nothing that would be published. They could have been thrown into the trash after being received, but Watterson took the time to include beautiful, hand-drawn art to more fully communicate the point of his messages.

When you work hard and take the time to notice the details, wonderful things can happen.