Short Stories

Yoda Strong, published September 29, 2015

Watch and Glare (Part II), published September 11, 2014

Glare (Part I), published February 11, 2014

Referral, published November 23, 2013

Self-published books:

The High Places

The Interring

Son of Jesse (on Amazon)

Children’s Stories

The Day the Apps Spoke

Baby Angel (see below)

I wrote Baby Angel one night in 2009 while my daughter was in the NICU at the Children’s Hospital in Madera, CA. I created the illustrations in June of 2010.

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5 thoughts on “Stories

  1. LOVE the story! (Pictures are amazing, too!) I know there are many analogies there that mean a lot to you and your family! Because of your journey, you now have a beautiful story of hope to share!

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