Father’s Day

Dog hair fleeing for shelter in every
Corner of the house and
Sprinkled over the tile as if
Fine snow

You love the dog

Lego pieces striking pain
In feet more intense than any
Stubbed toe or thorn or

You love Legos

And more playthings of every
Shape and size
Dispensed throughout the house meticulously in ways
No adult could devise

You love toys

Crumbs and yogurt and fruit and hummus
(yes, hummus)
On the counter to be wiped and wiped
And wiped again

You love snacks

You love

And me, who needs to be
Reminded every day that life is to be lived and
You are the reason for breathing because
And work
And all other adult things
Are nothing compared to the way you view the world and

Father’s Day is a gift on top of a gift because all I ever need is

Both of you

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