What Informs Our Practice

Recently I made the following video in which I attempted to conflate the Four Right Drivers from the book Coherence, concepts from the book Leading Impact Teams (i.e. how to build teacher collective efficacy), and Visible Learning strategies during the Action part of the EAA model (Evidence, Analysis, Action). Here it is:

At the end of the video, I concluded that the Action portion of EAA is where teachers should determine which Visible Learning strategies must be deployed. I was corrected today by a very knowledgeable author who told me the following:

“We shouldn’t be figuring out which Visible Learning strategies to use when discussing next steps. What we should do is determine what we want to hear and see our students doing.”

This is so true, and I stand corrected. The right question to ask as we work collaboratively in the Action portion of EAA is: What do we want student learning to look and sound like? Once we determine this, we can backward map, determine success criteria (i.e. clarity), and provide constructive feedback. In addition, student learning will become visible, which helps us formatively assess as the students self-report on their own learning.

3 thoughts on “What Informs Our Practice

  1. Thanks for the great insight and thoughtfulness of your post. What Barb and I discovered in working with schools and Impact Teams nationally – when you engage students in student-centered assessment you leverage the VL influences holistically that get the highest effect. In other words, when you engage students thoughtfully and strategically in the co-construction of success criteria, self and peer assessment, goal setting and reflection you also leverage:
    – Metacognition
    – Reciprocal Teaching
    – Teacher Clarity
    – Feedback
    – Classroom Discussion
    – Formative Evaluation
    – Assessment Capable Learners

    The true power behind advancing learning for every student is to create conditions in classrooms where students can take ownership. Love your post and it was a pleasure reading it! Thanks for making a difference!

    Paul Bloomberg

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