Haiku Deck

I must say I’m a big fan of Haiku Deck. It’s a beautiful presentation software that truly leaves every other platform in the dust. This time last year I couldn’t get enough of Prezi, and although I still think Prezi has its place, Haiku Deck makes a much greater impact.

One reason to present is that you’re teaching. Perhaps you’re persuading an audience to see something the same way you do. Whatever the reason for standing in front of a group of people, presentation software should augment what you’re saying–it shouldn’t be a mess of bullet points and sentences. Presentation software that becomes nothing more than an outline ends up being uninformative (even though there’s a lot of information) and boring.

Haiku Deck’s genetic makeup pretty much makes it impossible to create a boring presentation. With beautiful pictures and typeface, I know what I’ll be using whenever I need to give a speech.

In less than half an hour I made the following Haiku Deck presentation. It’s about my philosophy for this blog. Take a look if you have the time, and make sure to imagine how you can use this powerful tool.

Presentation Software that Inspires   Haiku Deck

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