Why do we need to read and write about technology in education? 

Change is common, and the amount of tools teachers can use are multiplying every month. Many of these products are worthy of being implemented in the classroom, and many are not.

Reviews are written about websites, phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers every day, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a website that gives incisive information about PowToon, Edmodo, Schoology, Google Apps for Education, Haiku, Prezi, etc., and how a teacher can effectively use all of these tools. Sure, there are rockstar educators who take it upon themselves to explain their niche, but I’m talking about the creation of a Wired, CNET, or Macworld publication that is devoted primarily to educational technology. This could include interviews and podcasts of teachers who have tried a variety of sources. It could also include rankings, á la Consumer Reports.

I think this will soon be a reality.

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