Teachers are a loyal group. They find something that works–something they think is going to help kids learn–and they’ll stick with it for a long, long time.

I say this from firsthand experience. All educators want to use what’s most effective. It’s with this in mind, mingled with an interest in technology, that makes me really curious as to what will come out of the Learning Management System (LMS) competition.

My Big Campus. Edmodo. Haiku. Schoology. And, of course, Google Classroom. Mentioning these names one right after the other is like saying: Nike. Reebok. Adidas. New Balance. Under Armor. Etc. They’re all competitors. The difference between LMSs and shoe companies is that the shoe companies have already carved out their niches. New Balance is good for running. Adidas is good for soccer. Nike is good for basketball.

Right now, teachers are figuring out what Edmodo is good for. What My Big Campus is good for. What Haiku is good for. Flags will be thrust into the ground. Land will be claimed, and pretty soon, teachers will create alliances with the LMS of their choice.

Let the games begin.

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