You can learn anything

Khan Academy is doing wonderful things in the world. Here’s their latests endeavor:

This message was in an email I received from Khan Academy:

Some people believe that intellectual ability is purely genetic or fixed.

This is a myth. Research now shows that your brain is like a muscle; the more you apply it and struggle, the more it grows. People who learn to recognize this fact about their own brain develop a ‘growth mindset’ and are able to persevere and achieve more.

At Khan Academy we know abilities are not set in stone because we see people improving radically every day. That’s why today we’re embarking on a mission to help the world realize that if you work hard and embrace struggle, you can learn anything

This is so true, and it’s one of the things that has crystalized before my eyes while writing posts on Rise and Converge. Life is a constant endeavor to keep learning. I recently (sort of) quoted The Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy learning, or get busy dying.”

I think Khan Academy would agree with this sentiment.

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