At the beginning of this school year…

plan on meeting with your grade level team no longer than two weeks after the first day and compare common formative assessment results.

I picture a beautiful world where teachers use Edmodo Snapshot as a formative assessment after a unit, bring their electronic device to the professional learning communities (PLC), and quickly analyze the data with their coworkers. Snapshot makes this really easy to do. In the past, teachers had to create formative assessments, make copies of the tests and answer sheets, administer the test, collect the test, scan the tests (in scanners that often jam), print out the data, and then share the data with fellow teachers who probably printed the information in different ways: “Wait a minute, you printed an individualized report and you printed a demographic report while I printed all my classes in one report–this is going to take some time to compare.”

Tools like Snapshot are needed to efficiently compare results, and comparison is necessary for professional growth. PLCs need to be transparent and willing to share what works and what doesn’t in the classroom.

So this year, make it a priority to use the educators at your school, district, and on social media to find out how you can more effectively teach students after the first formative assessment.

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