Good authors

The other day, I mentioned that good authors will inevitably lead you to other good authors. The cool thing about this is that you rarely need to ask someone about good books to read if you’ve already begun reading good books. Like a current, the authors you’re engaged with will take you to amazing places.

One person who has helped me find good authors over the past couple years is Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He writes books in which you can read and very easily understand his main points, but at the same time, the books become very technical and complex–if you want to read those parts. His latest book, Antifragile, does a good job leading the reader both to and away from the complex information.

His insight actually transfers very well to the Twitter landscape. Here are some of his most recent tweets and retweets:

If you’re on Twitter, I suggest following him. If you’re not on Twitter, I suggest signing up so that you can follow him.

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