Technology and pedagogy

Imagine this: You’re standing in a shallow river watching two streams converge into that river. In other words, you’re wading at the bottom of a “Y.” And what are you doing?

You’re panning for gold.

That’s where I think all of us are standing regarding education. We’re in the same river, and one stream that is pouring into the river is technology. The other stream is pedagogy, and we’re left to trudge through this confluence, trying not to get pulled by the undertow. All the while, we’re panning for gold–that is–pulling out students who have been raised under our influence of technology and pedagogy.

Of course we’ll stumble–we’ve got a lot to learn. But this is a mining task that is more important and valuable than mere gold. We must see clearly through the forces, harness the power of the milieu, and bring up all students–our most valuable resources.

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