Edu and tech

The amount of wonderful stuff that’s being created right now for teachers and students is pretty incredible. I’ve been in the field of education as a teacher for almost nine years now, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Twitter is the best place to find what’s being created, but that’s just the start. Teachers are taking to blogs and sharing lessons, screencasts, and directions on how to use Google Apps for Education and various learning management systems in ways that are seriously impressive.

The role of the teacher has reached new levels of professionalism thanks to this proliferation of information. In many cases, teachers must not only know their content areas, but also how to incorporate technology into the classroom. This includes changes to how assignments are assigned and collected, information is dispensed, time is used, students communicate, the set-up of the classroom, the timeframe of learning, professional development, professional learning communities, best practices, and much more.

Teachers are on fire right now in their passion for using the most effective tools to teach students.

Things are taking off. The j-curve has just begun.


One thought on “Edu and tech

  1. I agree that technology has broadened the playing field! However, a fundamental flaw in our teacher training mechanism(s) has impeded “real” educational reform(s). I conceptualize teaching & learning as being comprised of a Dichotomous Framework (i.e. Student-centered and Teacher-centered) that is indicative of non-technical and technical learning experiences. Want to learn more about educational reform/teacher training? Visit my Blog @
    Sample/purchase manuscripts regarding these topics @
    Best wishes, keep learning–Ken

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