Candor is so important, and finding someone who can be candid with you about your personal improvement is very valuable. Of course, being truthful is communication at its most delicate. Only by having the best of intentions can someone’s advice have a snowball’s chance of taking root.

What’s also important is the heart of the person accepting the feedback. We must sow seeds of humility, remembering that everyday is a chance to become better. The advice of others tempers us and helps us perceive reality more objectively. The candor of others hones our skills at seeing problems we didn’t even realize were there. Graciously accepting advice also helps us cultivate deeper humility, which in turn will help us be even more open to feedback.

Of course, there are times when we must ignore opinions and forge ahead, but we can’t have this mindset all the time. If we do, we risk missing out on how to help others and better ourselves.

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