Single goal

A while ago, I read an article by Wally Amos, the maker of Famous Amos cookies, who wrote:

…years ago, I decided my single goal in life was peace of mind.

That’s a wonderful sentiment. It reminds me of a Zac Brown Band lyric:

There’s no dollar sign on a peace of mind, this I’ve come to know…

The caveat is that sometimes you have to do things that are uncomfortable because they’re right. This could very well be in conflict with Wally Amos and Zac Brown’s goal.

But then again, maybe not. Peace of mind can come from doing the right thing, even if it’s not popular or takes you out of your comfort zone. Peace of mind can still be the goal, but not because there’s an absence of difficulty. If Seneca has taught us anything, it’s to retain peace in the midst of a storm.

And if there is no storm, well, just wait for it.

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