One-Pagers and One Page Books

One of the most visited posts I’ve written is on a teaching strategy I use in my classroom called the One-Pager. It’s an exercise where the students analyze a text with only one side of a white paper. They write a paragraph on the bottom, draw a visual representation of the text in the center, include two excerpts around the picture, and they write the title of the piece and the author’s name on top.

I love the idea of being limited to one side of a white page to analyze something. It gives a student parameters, and within those disclosed parameters, he or she can be even more creative–as opposed to using the more traditional route: three pieces of binder paper to write an essay.

That’s why I loved what Seth Godin introduced the other day. It’ at 25x3x3 poster called Death & Taxes that explains the complex issue of the budget situation on one sheet. You can put it on your wall and study it, reread it, memorize it, and become immersed within the information. It’s similar to a book, but the information is engaging in a different way–and strangely–it seems more tangible and alive.

This is what I love to do when I teach: Display important information in easily digestible ways. Death & Taxes is a teaching tool that is truly innovative and impressive.

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