The great thing about blog posts is the writer receives immediate feedback. And if there is no feedback, he/she has the satisfaction of knowing the thing created has been “shipped.” When creating anything longer than a short thought, I find it difficult to plod along.

Take writing a book. The writer finds uninterrupted time day after day to write stuff that may or may not be good. People ask the author what he or she has been up to, and the author replies, “Oh, nothing.” The author’s been working hard, but it’s not like he or she can just spout off about a partially written book–even if 80,000 words have already been penned.

So in addition of fighting the resistance of just sitting down and getting to work, a writer must war against the sense of failing to produce something. I think if he or she can manage to defeat these two foes, then a book will be born. It might not be a good book, but it will be a finished book. And that’s saying something.

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