In a book I’m reading entitled Weapons of Mass Instruction, John Taylor Gotto makes a good point describing how modern day schooling has failed to teach students important skills necessary for survival. Imagine if a scenario like The Road happens to our society. Would most people know how to start a fire? Build a shelter? Grow or produce food?

It’s refreshing to see the number of books and websites being created that promote do-it-yourself projects. And this ubiquitous information isn’t just about getting off the grid (which is good). The information is educating people to take control over their own lives.

Even though it’s depressing to watch the news today, there are so many examples of smart people creating things on their own. Young and old alike, people are taking chances and persevering in a difficult economic climate.

I hope this continues. I hope as a society we educate our children by teaching them not only language arts and math, but also classes (wood shop, metal shop, home ec., art, etc.) and skills that will help them produce things, which will inevitably instill a sense of pride and craftsmanship within our young people.

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